Helping You Make Informed Tree Decisions: Caldwell Tree Care's Consultation Approach

Consulting for CTC is a way of doing business daily. Our interactions with clients and prospective client centers around and educational/consultative approach to solutions. Those outcomes are not always the initial expectation of the client but rather an informative way to help guide/allow a client to make an informed decision.

However, CTC has always and will always offer science based and arboriculturally correct consultations. Our diverse background and Arborists working in all areas of our business allow us to assign tasks to the benefit and to suit the relevance of the need. Whether it is writing or fulfilling a prescription or a field survey of trees with individual evaluations or each tree, we can give our clients peace of mind. That educational process often times results in an unexpected outcome which benefits the LONG-TERM decisions about their trees. We proactively identify pests, hazard trees, and environments in which trees are being adversely affected but often times may be remedied.

We do provide expert analysis and consultation where serious decisions and not so obvious tree conditions need to be sorted out. We prefer not to get involved in court related or litigious tree related situations. On the other hand we may often become a bridge of thought to help neighbors decipher tree conflicts.

We do believe our consultative approach to tree issues allows CTC to execute the best solutions as well

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