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PLANT Pruning

The right tools are useful for many jobs

The air compressor and hand tools that our technicians have access to - combined with their skills and experience - can be utilized in many different situations.

Tree Transplanting

Whether a tree needs to be moved to a new location or removed entirely, an air knife can be a critical tool in the process. For transplanting, the air knife can be used to carefully excavate the tree's root system, minimizing damage and ensuring that the tree can successfully establish itself in its new location.

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Damaged plant
large mossy tree trunk

Root Collar Excavation

Root collar excavation is a crucial process in arboriculture that involves uncovering the root flare of a tree. This is often necessary when soil, mulch, or other materials have been piled up against the trunk of the tree, obscuring the root collar and potentially causing health problems for the tree.

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Root Pruning

Root pruning is a technique used by arborists to encourage a tree's root system to grow in a more compact, efficient manner. This is particularly useful when preparing a tree for transplanting, as it can help to reduce the shock of the move.

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plant on a black background
overgrown tree roots

Root Invigoration

Root invigoration is a process designed to rejuvenate a tree's root system and promote healthier, more vigorous growth. This can involve a variety of techniques, including soil aeration, the addition of organic matter, and the careful pruning of roots.

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