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Many companies have to rent or hire a sub-contractor when a crane is needed for a large or difficult job. Not Caldwell Tree Care! We have two on our yard already!

Having both a 23-ton and a 38-ton crane ready, we can handle larger jobs at shorter notice than many other companies in the area. This ability serves not only our regular jobs, but really comes in handy for emergencies and storm work. We can send a crane out when needed, not just when we can rent one.

Our crane operators are specifically trained in the special operational procedures for crane work. And we have the supporting equipment for our climbers (radio headsets in their helmets) to enable safety and coordination on the job site.

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Benefits of Using A Crane for Tree Removal

At Caldwell Tree Care, we understand the importance of using the right equipment for tree removal. That's why we offer crane services as part of our comprehensive tree care solutions.

There are several benefits to using a crane for tree removal. Firstly, it allows us to safely and efficiently remove even the largest and most challenging trees. The crane's lifting capacity and reach enable us to access trees in tight spaces or those located near buildings or other structures.

This minimizes the risk of property damage and ensures our team's and clients' safety. Additionally, using a crane reduces the time and labor required for tree removal, resulting in cost savings for our customers. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, Caldwell Tree Care is your trusted partner for all your tree care needs.

Using a crane for tree removal significantly enhances safety for both workers and property. It allows for controlled lifting and lowering of heavy tree sections, reducing the risk of accidents, injuries, and property damage that may occur with traditional tree removal methods.
Crane-assisted tree removal is often faster and more efficient than traditional methods. The crane can quickly lift and maneuver large tree sections, minimizing the time and labor required for the removal process. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for removing large or hazardous trees in tight spaces.
By using our crane, tree removal can be executed with minimal disturbance to the surrounding trees and plants. The precise control offered by the crane allows our workers to carefully navigate the tree sections through tight spaces or delicate areas, preserving nearby structures, gardens, and vegetation.

Cranes have to be level...

They do make things interesting...

Truck on jacks
Having a big crane on site can make a difficult job easier, and the job site more interesting! Did you know that large cranes need to be level in order to operate safely? This can make for an interesting setup on the job site - with wheels not touching the ground sometimes! It may look strange, but it makes everything safer.

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