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Disease and Pest Diagnosis

Trees and Plants are suspectable to any number of diseases and/or pests. Each of these can present in a clear or cloudy manner. The Arborists at Caldwell Tree Care have years of experience to call on in each other when diagnosing the issues that may arise on your property.

Through observation, testing (soil and/or resistograph, as well as other methods), researching, and other resources, the team can identify not only the issues, but also a plan of treatment. And we also have the tools necessary to implement that plan.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire an Arborist?

A properly trained Arborist knows how to identify tree assets, tree liabilities, and needs. Our teams at Caldwell Tree Care have decades of experience helping clients all over Metro Atlanta.

How can I determine if my tree has a disease or pest problem?

Look for visible signs such as discolored or wilting leaves, unusual growth patterns, presence of insects or pests, and unusual bark texture. Check for symptoms like leaf spots, holes in leaves, webbing, or sawdust-like frass.  Monitor the overall health and vigor of the tree, including any changes in growth rate or canopy density.

What should I do if I suspect my tree has a disease or pest problem?

Contact a professional tree care company, such as Caldwell Tree Care, to schedule a tree health assessment.  Avoid self-treatment or applying random pesticides, as incorrect treatments can further harm the tree or be ineffective.

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