Hazard Evaluations

"If a tree falls in the forest..." - the old adage could have had a different outcome if an Arborist with some specialized training was involved...


Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ)

While it is not possible to know every risk involved with every tree, there is a further qualification (available from the International Society of Arboriculuter (ISA) known as TRAQ) that a Certified Arborist can complete that covers the the steps providing a systematic and structured approach to assess the risks and developing a plan to manage the same. These steps are based in science and arboriculture, and are not driven by aesthetics and simple client desire when suggesting removal of a high risk tree.

This level of risk assessment is used for two reasons:

  • to proactively identify high-risk situations before an accident can occur, thereby protecting people and property
  • to ascertain the steps that can be taken to mitigate any inherent risks due to mechanical integrity issues in order to save a specimen tree

Risk assessment is not always necessary, but when it is - be sure that you are dealing with an Arborist with the TRAQ qualification. Caldwell Tree Care has several on staff.

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