Tree Appraisal


Tree Appraisalss

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Benefits and value.

Science has shown that walking amongst trees can help calm the mind and promote better mental health. Providing shade and shelter to humans and animals alike.

Producing food. Bringing beauty to all four seasons of the year, from the spring flowers, summer breezes shifting leaves, fall colors, and even the fractal beauty of trees in the winter. Beyond all of these factors, trees also have a value through the process of appraisal. Three are three reasons for this to be done:

the sales value of a tree - either for the resulting lumber or the value that the tree brings to the property it sits on

the future value of a tree based on the direct benefits to be gained from what the tree produces or what can be produced from

the tree the cost of a tree - determining what it would cost to replace the tree or to repair damage done to the tree

Within these reasons, there are multiple methods to determine the resulting value. Caldwell Tree Care's Arborists are familiar with the various methods and can determine which is the best for any given situation.

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