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From planning to prescriptions....

Construction projects are hardly ever a short-term assignment. From preparing the plans, gaining the required permits, preparing the site, completing the work, and straight on through the many "punch lists" at the end - things take time and steps must be followed.

When plans include the removal of trees, many times there are other trees that will remain on site - as well as some new plantings that may be done. The staff at Caldwell Tree Care can support our clients along the way.

Tractor leveling ground on a construction site


Caldwell becoming involved early in the process can help smooth the permitting process. Working with site maps and plots to locate and identify, as well as assess, the trees on the site and help verify not only those that will need to be removed, but also those that will be affected. Identifying those that will need to be placed within a "tree save area" will also be a part of the plan.

Permitting for the removals can be accomplished, and plans for those trees that will be affected - involving prescription treatments, pruning of canopy or roots, and other options to strengthen the trees to help them survive the disruption of the construction process. Periodic visits during construction by be needed to meet the requirements of permits granted.


Many times, prescriptions and monitoring that begin during construction, will be continued for 12-24 months after construction (depending on the amount of disruption) for the original trees that were retained on site. Newly planted trees and plants will also benefit from additional attention over that same time period - focused on helping them establish strong roots and support the growth as they settle into their new sites.
Aerial view of garden worker pruning a small driveway
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