Plant Health Care

- in the words of Kevin Caldwell

What is Plant Health Care?

Our Plant Health Care is a prescriptive approach to maintaining healthy trees and plants. Caldwell's approach is based on an initial Arborist assessment of the site and site-specific recommendations for specific trees and plans and may also include ongoing maintenance for ornamental trees/plants. Ongoing maintenance could include treatments or protocols that must be completed with multiple time-specific applications.

Ornamental maintenance typically addresses known pests/diseases that need preventive treatments, soil fertility issues, and curative treatments for conditions throughout the year. It is worth noting that in our area of the country, like many other areas, the climate has somewhat moderated, which has increased life cycles of insects, diseases, and many other pests. In many cases, we have also seen an emergence of catastrophic pest activity like pine beetles, EAB, Ambrosia Beetles, shot hole disease, scale, etc.

Today, I cannot think of a more critical time in my career (last 30+ years) than now to utilize insect/disease/pest controls to impact the health of our trees and plants. Those controls, when used for specific needs and while not just cover spraying all plants (this is NOT the Caldwell philosophy) help manage those problems.

Customized Approach

Each tree and plant is unique, and we tailor our treatments to address their specific needs. Our Arborists carefully assess the site, considering factors such as species, age, environmental conditions, and existing issues, to create a customized plan for optimal plant health.

Preventive and Curative Treatments

Our maintenance protocols encompass preventive treatments to address known pests and diseases proactively and curative treatments to tackle emerging issues and conditions throughout the year.

Sustainable Solutions

We are committed to environmentally responsible practices, and our treatments are designed to be targeted and specific, minimizing the impact on non-target organisms and the surrounding environment.

Plant Health Assessment

Caldwell's approach is to assess needs and then treat or use an integrated plant health care program. Because of this approach, our clients expect us to manage pests, not eliminate them. That might seem odd, but certain activities go on in the biological world where certain beneficial organisms help manage pests. It is our goal to manage plant/tree health care at a threshold that embodies a balance between non-beneficial pests/diseases and benefits.

In terms of equipment for managing tree/plant health care, Caldwell owns multiple dedicated trucks to deliver proper micro and macro prescriptions. Our personnel in this area of service are either certified Arborists or on their way to becoming certified. Product education and usage is constantly being updated.

Our alliance with key vendors like Rainbow Scientific and Regal lets us stay in touch with the latest new products and solutions. Our activity in groups like the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), Georgia Arborist Association, Georgia Urban Agriculture Coalition, and the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) also help Caldwell employees stay in touch with the latest trends.

Plant Health Care Services

Fertilization / Insecticide / Fungicide

Our crews have various tools and substances at hand to provide the best treatment for each situation.

Specific Care Programs

A preventative program for your plants and trees.

Soil Tests

In the same way that humans require various nutrients for good health, so do plants, trees, and even grass!

Root Collar Excavation / Root Invigoration

A tree's root system is not just for holding it in the ground, the roots are critical to the health of the tree.

Root Pruning

Root pruning involves trimming roots that will be affected by ground disturbance or compaction before the damage is done.

Air Knife/Spade Work

The right tools are useful for many jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is Plant Health Care?


Plant Health Care (PHC) refers to a holistic approach to maintaining and enhancing the health of plants, particularly in agricultural and horticultural settings.

Q What is a Soil Fertility Test


A soil fertility test is a scientific analysis conducted on a soil sample to assess its nutrient content and other properties relevant to plant growth and health.

Q What Are Tree Prescriptions?


Tree prescriptions, also known as "tree medications" or "tree treatments," refer to specific actions or treatments applied to trees to address various health issues or challenges they may be facing

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