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Vines will climb - fences, poles, trellises, trees... Whether it is ivy, wisteria, or any other creeping vine, there are things to climb that add to the beauty, but trees aren't one of them.... especially Ivy. When you grow up and around a tree, Ivy will actually begin to kill the tree. The vines steal moisture and nutrients from the tree and can choke it once it gets too big.

The method to save trees is to cut the ivy at the base of the tree and then again about 3-4 feet up the trunk. This causes the vine to die and then dry up. It will release the tree, and after some time - and with some efforts for larger vines - the dead top portion can be removed entirely from the tree.

The best way to handle vines starting up trees is to either cut or redirect. Give them something else to climb.

Ivy can be a ground cover, just keep it cut back and controlled within a certain area - and protect any trees in that area.

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