Root Work

Do you know that a tree should not be straight at the base? 

A tree's root system is not just for holding it in the ground, the roots are critical to the health of the tree. If there is too much organic material over the roots near the tree, issues can arise. Trapped moisture and impacted soil can cause problems over time.

a tree with a hose and a tree trunk

Root Collar Excavation

If the soil (or what started as mulch) is too close and high on the tree, the root flare (at the base of the tree where it meets the ground) can get covered up.

Caldwell Tree Care's technicians will utilize either hand tools or an air compressor to explore this area and to expose the roots. This will help to ensure that the tree's roots can function properly.

a person holding a shovel

Root Invigoration

Beyond simply exposing the root system, our Technicians can utilize the same air compressor to decompact and stir up the soil around the root system to allow the roots to have more air and more room to grow. This treatment can also be combined with treatments that will stimulate the roots to grow into this newly loosened soil.

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