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Cercospora on Cryptomeria

Caldwell Tree Care Can Treat Cercospora Cercospora needle blight, caused by the fungus Cercosporidium sequoiae, is a common disease on Cryptomeria. The first symptom is a browning of the needles in the lower tree next to the stem. The disease slowly spreads upward and outward until, in severe cases, only the needles at the tips of […]


Kevin Caldwell Selected as Business Person of Excellence

Kevin Caldwell – Business Person of Excellence Each year the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce selects one person from the North Fulton Business Community as small business person of the year. This year Kevin Caldwell was one of the four finalist selected for this prestigious award. In order to be considered for this award, […]

Mosquito Control

Barbequing, swinging, and sitting by the pool are summer activities that we all love. But pesky, biting mosquitos can ruin the summer activities we love best. Let Caldwell Tree Care give you back your summer fun with our new mosquito control program. Not only are mosquitos pesky to you and your furry friends, they can […]



Kevin Caldwell Consults on Tree in Destin, Florida

Historic Magnolia in Destin, Florida A Destin icon will soon become a memorial, as the magnolia tree located at Harborwalk Village is near death and too great a hazard to leave as is. Senior Consulting Arborist, of Caldwell Tree Care, Kevin Caldwell, was brought to the site to evaluate the tree in November 2013. In his […]