Paying it forward…

May 1, 2024
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Recently, Andrew Blenk, Plant Health Care Manager at Caldwell Tree Care, spoke to the student’s in Mr. Summey’s 9th grade Biology classes at Johnson Ferry Christian School about Arboriculture.

Paying it forward...


Topics included the overall value of trees, why there is an entire industry devoted to trees, and how arborists do more than just cut trees down.

Students were involved in a discussion about the difference between plant health and structure. They looked at cross sections of wood rounds to learn how to determine the age of the tree and identify unique growth patterns.

Andrew sought to help the students realize that the subject matter they have been studying in class does apply to real life and real jobs in the arboriculture and plant health care fields. He also helped them to recognize the many “hats” an Arborist wears on a daily basis, which gave them a chance to recognize that the field can provide a fun and interesting, through its diversity of subject matter and applications, career.

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Caldwell Tree Care cares not only for and about its current clients, but also the future workers in the field.  These types of engagements with the public are part of the culture of communication we strive for as we represent not only ourselves, but the entire field.