Congratulations to Caldwell Tree Care, Winner of TCIA Safety Award

May 1, 2024
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Congratulations to Caldwell Tree Care, Winner of TCIA Safety AwardCongratulations are in order for Caldwell Tree Care, a local Roswell company since 1993. Caldwell Tree Care, an accredited tree care company, was awarded the 2014 Safety Award from the Tree Care Industry Association.

The TCIA Safety Awards recognize exemplary action in two areas. The Outstanding Individual/Crew Performance award recognizes an individual’s or crew’s heroic reaction to an emergency situation. The Outstanding Company Contribution award recognizes a member’s proactive program to address safety issues.

Caldwell Tree Care was awarded in the category of Outstanding Company Contribution for an emergency tree removal job that was performed in September of 2014. Three large trees had fallen onto the back of a house. Upon arrival at the home, Caldwell Tree Care’s Dave Woodrow immediately knew this would be no ordinary job. Dave called Kevin Caldwell (owner of Caldwell Tree Care), and both men observed the trees were unstable and the tree bases were located in a steep ravine, with a creek running approximately 50 feet below the house. In addition to the concerns that were noticed, Kevin and Dave knew the tree crews would have to work on a wet and hazardous terrain, due to several days of rain prior to the tree falling.

Deciding the best way to remove the trees was with the use of a crane, a 275 ton crane was brought to the job site. Before the crane could be brought in, Caldwell Tree Care had to notify neighbors of street closures as well as make provisions in case of medical emergencies.

After two days of preparing the job site, the 275 ton crane was brought in. After two hours of crane set up, the process of removal began. Within 6 hours, Caldwell Tree Care had successfully removed the weight of the 3 trees without causing further damage to the home or surrounding property or injury to any Caldwell employee.
Over a four day period, as many as eleven workers were on site for a total of 215 man hours.

Safety is always at the forefront of every job that Caldwell Tree Care performs. According to owner Kevin Caldwell, “Our crews keep us in business and are the ones whose talent and dedication allows us to provide the high level of superior service our customers are accustomed to receiving. Keeping our crews safe is one of our highest priorities.”

The home owner and very satisfied Caldwell client stated, “Caldwell is a cut above the rest of those in the industry, they are likely without equal in the market they service. The extra level of care, expertise and professionalism they showed us in a very complex challenging, dangerous situation with massive trees leaning on our home is simply to be commended. They are deserving of high praise with what they were able to accomplish!”