Equipment is the key

Having the right tool for every job

Tree work (when done correctly) involves more than a chain saw.  Caldwell Tree Care has the right tools for every job - big or small - motorized or hand held - gas, electric, or human powered - if our ground crew will need it, we have it.

Each climber on staff has (and maintains) their own full set of climbing equipment - this allows them to be confident and comfortable in its operation. And in your trees!

It all comes together in the field!

People and Equipment make the team

Caldwell Tree Care has been featured in a number of stories in various industry magazines and newsletters. Everything from award winning projects to safety efforts by our crews have been written of in glowing terms.

One writeup that has proven to be a source of stories around the office (along with a framed copy on the wall of our training room) was included in the July 2021 issue of the TCIA magazine. The job in question was the removal of a VERY large tree in the Storza Woods area of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, which was completed in May of 2020.

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