Spring has sprung and new growth is showing!

April 11, 2019

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As evidenced by the yellow-green coated… EVERYTHING… in Georgia, Spring has arrived! A time for shaking off the winter’s chill, gearing up and getting ready for things come, and finding comfort in the cyclical nature of the world and welcome the new growth that is showing up.

While now is a time that Caldwell Tree Care is reaching out to educational programs in the area to offer opportunities for summer internships for students, we are also spending time welcoming and training some regular new employees as well.  In the past few weeks, a handful of new “budding” workers have joined the rolls and are in the field learning, trying, and growing along with the trees and plants we are caring for.

Recently an employee took some photos of one of our Senior Crew Leaders, Mike, training one of our new groundspeople, Leanne, on the operation and usage of a tracked lift device. As the photos show, there was time spent near the ground, going over controls and passing along information about what needed to be done in the air.  Then it was time to go airborne!

Spring has sprung and the new growth is showing!  Spring has sprung and the new growth is showing!  Spring has sprung and the new growth is showing!  Spring has sprung and the new growth is showing!

Our crew leaders all have a number of years’ experience in the industry and are actively involved in helping the new “seedlings” in their midst grow in skill and knowledge. The old adage “See one, Do one, Teach one” is part of the arboriculture industry too!  Watch for future stories as we continue the tradition of training our own personnel – and who knows who else we can learn from? Or offer educational opportunities to?

Spring has sprung and the new growth is showing!

Up, up & away!


Photo credit to Richard



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