“Just Swingin’ The Time Away…”

May 1, 2024
Featured image for ““Just Swingin’ The Time Away…””

Recently a tree crew from Caldwell did some work, and then had a little fun, at a client’s home helping to clean up a Water Oak in her front yard, and provided something a little extra too. (See picture  below.)

The client told me that the tree “was trying to come in the house!”  She reported that it was a lot smaller when she bought the house and it was actually a volunteer tree, the result of a forgetful squirrel who had at least one less acorn that winter than he’d planned…

The crew also removed a couple other trees, that were both diseased and another encroaching one – which resulted in the chimney having to be rebuilt….   But the Water Oak in the front, while seeming to try and get in the front door as well as maybe taking some weight off itself by leaning some branches on the roof (providing those forgetful squirrels with a highway into the attic….), just needed to be cleaned up.

When Kevin Caldwell provided an estimate,  she saw that it was a comprehensive plan to provide for the raising and cleaning of the crown, to provide clearance underneath and removal of errant branches in the middle, as well as cutting those encroachers away from the roof. While the client admits that while the quote wasn’t the lowest, she felt it did provide proof of someone who knew what the tree needed and was ready to help her to preserve it – not just cut it away.  In talking with Mr. Caldwell about the proposal, he offered the option of putting up a wooden swing in the newly cleaned up tree as a way to “sweeten” the deal a bit. (See picture below for a “before” view, courtesy of Google Street View.)

After a bit of time, the job was completed and the client now has her swing. She reports that she has been out on it almost every day since it was installed and she enjoys the memories of the one her granddaddy installed for her …. Just a few years ago… or maybe a few more than that…. 

While her words of praise for the crew members and the work that was completed was full of appreciation, the laughter in her voice as we spoke of her swing was truly evidence of another job well done!