Emergency Tree Removal

- in the words of Kevin Caldwell

We Handle Tree Emergencies

CTC works in an insurance network providing 7 days a week/365 days a year responses to trees on houses, driveways, and structures of the home or business. We have a process in which we are notified via email and/or phone and we generally response within 1-2 hours by phone.

If a prospective client is not in this insurance network, you can contact us through our phone number (770-992-1973) and, if after hours, follow the menu selections to access a CTC employee for an emergency on your own. Existing clients are encouraged to contact their Arborist directly through their cell phone.

An emergency is not defined by CTC as the need for getting "a bid" but rather allowing our Arborists to evaluate needs and costs which will allow for an appropriate mobilization. We service essentially all areas within the 285 "Perimeter" as well as areas "outside the Perimeter" in the North-west, North-east, and South-west areas.

Our emergency capacity is centered around several principles: (1) A culture of rapid communications and initial assessment; (2) Dedicated employees who understand why the prompt and methodical removal of trees from a property means a client's property can be made safe again; (3) Always having our own equipment ready - including our own cranes - however, our ingenuity on rigging and problem-solving does not limit us to solutions that only involve cranes, which often are not the best solution.

In summary, our emergencies take precedence over regularly scheduled work. This does come at a premium due to a multitude of increased costs as it relates to rerouting crews, over-time pay for crew members, increased wear, and the resulting maintenance needed, on equipment, etc. When there is a large weather event on the horizon, we simply triage the jobs in a dynamic way to serve those in the most need as quickly and as safely as possible.

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