What our clients have said...

They say it better than we can!

I just wanted to thank you and your team for the incredible work they did today on our property the trees look… I mean everything looks fantastic and they did it quickly and efficiently and I just really am grateful with all this weather and more weather to come we were very worried about those Leyland cypress. ... I just wanted to express my gratitude for all you did and also how wonderful Michael was, I think he was the person I was working with on site, Michael and his team did an exceptional job. [We] are both really pleased and I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you've done.

Craig T


Thanks to everyone!

Thanks to everyone - excellent service and great job! I am very pleased with the results.

Special thanks to Mike for accomplishing all the tasks and throwing in a few extras he noticed and continuing to educate me. To Arturo for so much pruning on those tall trees and standing on the tri-pod ladder so much. He did a great job with the knife to shape the Hinokis! And to Kelsey for superior clean up with a smile! Many trips!



Roswell Beautification Project

You guys do SUCH a good job! Thank you for all you have done for our Historic District. Raising the tree canopy on Canton Street was one of the first projects the Historic Roswell Beautification Project undertook back in 2018. We partnered with Caldwell Tree Care and they did an EXCELLENT job! The City of Roswell is so fortunate to have a LOCAL company "right here in river city" that knows what to do, how to do it, and CARES about the preservation of our beautiful trees.



Caldwell Tree saved our house!

"We have Caldwell treat the trees on our property. During a routine visit, they found what looked like a perfectly healthy 100ft Oak Tree that was hollowed out at the base. Had they not found that weakness in the tree, it surely would have fallen with all of the heavy rain. Our brand new house that we built in downtown Roswell would have had a tree fall on it. Thank you Caldwell!

Chris Y.


Everything turned out just like we wanted

We are so pleased with the work that your crew did yesterday. We can see the front of the house from the street and we can see the street from the front of the house. Couldn't be better. Your crew was excellent...very professional, informative, and knowledgeable. We were most impressed with the clean up - the yard looked better than when they started! Thank you again for fitting us in earlier than we expected. We know your calendar is very full. Looking forward to seeing you next year.

Betty B.


Incredible PHC team!

The team of Andrew, Brandon, Katherine and David were outstanding on my hand pruning. Oz from another job also helped and was equally wonderful. I love how knowledgeable and attentive Andrew was when discussing the health of my yard. Your people are incredible and I am thrilled to be doing business with you.

Sandy B.


From start to finish...

The team of Andrew, Brandon, Katherine and David were outstanding on my hand pruning. Oz from another job also helped and was equally wonderful. I love how knowledgeable and attentive Andrew was when discussing the health of my yard. Your people are incredible and I am thrilled to be doing business with you.

Gail D.


Another great experience!

Last week, Caldwell Tree Service sent Katherine to my property to cut a couple of "girded" roots on a Japanese Maple & Oak tree. She used surgical precision & simply put, was impressive. Fortunately, another great Caldwell experience!

(Note: this client is in the medical profession, so the use of "surgical" is intentional!)

Dr. T.E.


Worth a letter

I am writing to thank you and your team for the quality of service provided by Caldwell Tree Service at our home [in] Roswell, GA in July 2020. We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and professionalism your crew of four have demonstrated on our project, and the way you conduct business as a whole.

In all sincerity, this was actually the best job ever done by anyone I have hired to work on our home. I would be more than happy to serve as a referral for your company any time."

We are very glad to have another satisfied customer!



Great job by team!

Caldwell Tree recently removed a number of trees from our yard as well as performed maintenance and care on a number of other trees. The use of an extremely large crane was required for the removal of some of the trees as well. Work was done in an expert and efficient manner. We appreciate the efforts of the team and would recommend Caldwell Tree to others and hire them again.



We are so pleased

"My husband and I are so pleased with the work done yesterday on so many different levels. The pruning of the trees was outstanding. I realize that some of the pruning is an ongoing project. But the mere fact that we can now see the street from our dining room, see the front door from the street, and no longer have branches hanging by the deck is a major accomplishment. The courtyard maple is so beautiful. I love the view from our kitchen. The felling of trees was done so precisely and the debris cleanup was meticulous. We were especially impressed with the professionalism of your crew. Terry was very patient in answering my questions. Everyone was respectful of our property, their work ethic outstanding. I felt they all took pride in what they were doing. Thank you for everything."

Betty B.


We will call Caldwell again!

This is the second time we have used Caldwell Tree Care. We had a huge dead pine tree in a spot with difficult access. The crew did a super job taking it down. The 4 man crew arrived on time. They were polite. clean, and knowledgeable. Caldwell has the right equipment and well trained crews to get the job done. We had additional jobs on our property and they were all taken care of in a professional manner

S. Lawson


Just wanted to say thanks

Just wanted to say thanks - your crew did a fantastic job pruning the arborvitae and other trees! The lead man (think his name was Mike) is truly an artist when it comes to shaping and pruning. We appreciate all the effort!

Anita D.


Highly Recommend Caldwell Tree Care

Had a tree in the front yard that was not doing well and we did not want to lose it (focal point of the yard). The owner himself came out to assess the situation and gave us a plan to save the tree, plus helped with some other problem areas.

The crew that came out to do the work was great! Explained everything to me and the owner even came back to explain a few additional things after the job was complete because I had questions.

Some jobs are too big (and too important) for regular landscapers. Caldwell has excellent customer service and they know what they are doing.

Kimberly L.


First-Class Equipment, First-Class People and a First-Class Job

Caldwell Tree Care is the best tree service I have seen. Though I thought they were coming to just remove some trees that needed cutting, their thoroughness is far more than any other "tree cutter". They safely removed the trees from difficult access points near the home. They took care of the stumps, not leaving part of the job undone. They cleaned-up the mess from the work on the property, as well as all the debris that was on the street and surrounding properties, a first in my observations of many of the competitors. They have first-class equipment, first-class people, and knowledge, which resulted in a first-class job—a real distinction in the industry where there are many "tree cutters" which can result in more costs than that initial cheap quote. Thank you, Caldwell.

Mark M.


I have worked with Caldwell Tree Care for years

I have worked with Caldwell Tree Care for several years and am very impressed by their work. They are extremely professional, detail oriented, do what they say they are going to do, clean up meticulously after they are done, and help make my landscape look amazing. They have taken down several trees and done a whole lot of pruning for me and I highly recommend them.

Michael D.


A job done well is worth talking about!

A 20 foot long Nelly R. Stevens hedge that was 25 foot high... a dozen Japanese Maples of differing varieties... and assortment of Red Oaks.... and 21 of Mother Nature's finest Pines.... where to begin? Kevin Caldwell to the rescue! We have known and dealt with Kevin for years - that took care of the trust factor. Likewise, he knows how anal we are about our property. So he sends Mike & his crew for 4 days... I later accused Mike of being "Michael-anglo"! The care and touch that he, Rigo, and Richard delivered was breathtaking for me. We pride ourselves for living in a monastery and the simple and clean pruning was right on target. Would we do it again? In a nano-second! And as to the clean-up.... were they even here?

Dr. and Mrs. E.


Tree removal service after Hurricane Michael

In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael we had over 25 downed Pine Trees. Most of these trees were huge. It was heartbreaking to see the crisscrossing of them over our property and it seemed that it would never be right again. Caldwell tree service showed up early one morning with all of their equipment, the foreman divided the work into sectors and the well oiled machine went to work. They were professional, courteous and friendly and showed genuine empathy for our condition. They worked all day and finished at dusk. When they left we were filled with hope of the recovery. What they provided our family was more than just removing trees. They have our deepest felt thank you for their efforts and have our strongest recommendation for using their services.

Greg and Paula D.

Lynn Haven, FL


Caldwell Tree Care was recommended to us by a neighbor and friend who had used the services for their trees in the past. Kevin visited us, gave us a thorough review of our recently-landscaped yard (front and back) and made suggestions as to how to save a tree which had suffered from a wet ground. He gave us a fair estimate for it and three other trees which required pruning and followed through professionally with a pleasant, highly-qualified group who were neat, efficient and experienced. We are pleased with their work!

Carter and Forde K.

Chastain Park

Job Well Done

Thank you Caldwell Tree Care for doing an excellent job all the way around. All of your people were professional, courteous and helpful. A special shout out goes to the team of three, Andy Farbotko, Cody Pridemore and Tony Reinholtz, that came to actually take care of my trees. It was amazing to watch them work. They were careful, thoughtful, did exactly what I ask and more! They left everything better than they found it, I found only one leaf broken - one leaf - and they brought down a LOT of tree branches over my plants - REMARKABLE. The conditions were cold and windy but you would have thought it was a perfect day. Everything was clean and back to place. I assure you I will tell my friends. Thank you gentlemen for a job WELL DONE!! A pleased custom

Dot M.


Great Job

I want to thank you for the great job Caldwell Tree Care did in pruning the trees on our property last week. I want to acknowledge Andy, who supervised the crew with dead limb removal and performed much of the pruning work. Andy was simply wonderful. He spent a great deal of time discussing the work with me, answering my questions, and sharing his vast knowledge about tree care and pruning. He and his crew, Tony and Cody, were professional, polite, and careful in conducting the work and cleaning up afterwards. They were a pleasure to work with. I also wish to acknowledge Jim Foote. Jim conducted the initial property walk with me to recommend the work needed and to prepare the proposal/work order. Jim was professional, patient in answering my questions, extremely knowledgeable, and great to work. Lastly, I want to thank Lindsay Walker for applying the first of three fungicide treatments to several trees on our property. Lindsay is detail oriented, thorough, and so friendly. I look forward to chatting with her next time she is here about the tree's health and hopeful improvement!

Jennifer W.


I couldn't be happier

Thank you and your crew. I couldn't be happier with the job done. The guys did an awesome job!!

Cindy R.


Exceeded my expectations!
Amazing service! Exceeded my expectations! I paid for removal of one very large tree very close to my home. When I got home, I was pleasantly surprised to not only see that they cleaned up like they were never there (including blowing off my deck and even moving furniture to clean under it) but they removed a huge pile of brush and cut down a smaller tree that was dead..all without my even asking! I would highly recommend them! Extremely professional and trustworthy. Oh and by the way...they have arborists on staff if you want to try to save the tree which was my original intention,. Unfortunately, this tree could not be saved.

Cherie N.


These guys were terrific

Crew of 4 , led by Terry, arrived early in the morning, and were very particular about the surrounding environment , including prep- work, and clean-up. They are most sensitive to the health of the trees and are experts in understanding how to shape and prune each of these trees based on their structural composition. I have used Caldwell for several years and have always had a very good experience. They are not the least expensive, but price is but one element of true cost

Mark E.

Johns Creek

They are simply the best

We use Caldwell for all our shrub and tree care. They are simply the best. We recently had a 150 year old White Oak removed and they did an above and beyond job as usual. Our foreman Terry Ferdarko was a master both wrangling the beast of a tree and the crew that was on our property for over 2 weeks. We LOVE you Terry!!

Linda I.


Caldwell Tree Care does excellent work

I have used Caldwell Tree Care for many years for all my tree needs. They have always been knowledgeable, professional and courteous. Caldwell Tree Care does excellent work, be it a 75-100 ft tree that needed removing to recently trimming and shaping trees that were out of control. These days it is always nice to deal with a company you know is reliable (they have always come on time),and they always clean up after the job. I would not hesitate to be a reference for this company and give them an A+++ rating.

Gail D.


Phenomenal Job

Caldwell Tree Care did a phenomenal job in pruning the trees on and around our property during the past three days. I primarily dealt with Mike who supervised and also actually performed much of the pruning and dead limb removal. He and his crew are to be commended for their outstanding performance and especially with their patience while waiting to get many of our senior residents to relocate their vehicles. These guys were a true joy to work with. My initial contact was with Dave Woodrow who promptly scheduled a property walk with me last month. Our walk took over an hour but I observed him taking meticulous notes which proved the old adage that "the devil is in the details"! In the 30 plus years of managing commercial property space, I have never met a more professional and detailed oriented tree removal service provider, and I have worked with many. Caldwell Tree Care has earned our business and I look forward to using them for future tree related service projects.

Terry F.


Fantastic, Expedient and Courteous

I contacted them on a Monday morning about a tree on my house. It had broken in half over the above-ground power and cable lines in my fenced in backyard. Needless to say, access was tricky. The crew was on-site by 1:30 and the tree was off my house and totally cleaned up before 4 pm that day with no further damage. The estimator let me know exactly what was going on during the process and the crew flat out got after it. Very satisfied.

Matt T.


No other tree company would have found that!

Mike B. and the crew did a great job as always. Mike discovered that the biggest problem with my Dogwood was the nearby Holly had a big root wrapped around the trunk of the Dogwood, choking it.

Beverly D.

The men were cautious and conscientious

Thanks for the 15 years of taking care of my property I appreciate your punctuality with appointments and the work performed in the timeline scheduled. The job was done with care to existing landscaping and around the buildings, pool and hardscape. The men where cautious and conscientious, they cleaned up everything after they were done cutting down 22 trees and trimming all the other ones in my yard. Thanks!!

Frances R.

Came on short notice to provide a quote

We couldn't be more pleased. Kevin came on short notice to provide a quote. He knew we needed the work to be done by a certain date. The crew showed up with an impressive assortment of equipment to take care of a very large job in one day. If I hadn't seen them work with my own eyes, it would be hard to know they were even there. The yard looks beautiful and we're ready for graduation, family reunion, and Memorial Day festivities. Thanks, Kevin, for taking care of us and sending over such a qualified crew. I would refer Caldwell Tree Care without any reservation. We are 100% satisfied and looking forward to the next time they're out to help us maintain and refine our trees.

Gerald S.

Great Work

Thanks so much. Your crew was timely, clean, and did great work.


I will definitely call Caldwell when I need tree work done on my property

We received a call today from Ms. D. who lives in a residence along the property line of the Sunrise Center where several employees removed a large 37" diameter, 75' foot tall Oak tree. Her words exactly were, "I just wanted to let you know that I watched the entire process this morning and they surgically removed a very large tree and didn't leave one twig in my backyard. There was no noise and no mess at all. I was so impressed with the way they did the job that I will definitely call Caldwell when I need tree work done on my property."

Ms. Mary D.

Professional, Courteous, Quick and Mindful of my many plantings

Dear Kevin, I just had to let you know what a terrific job your men did with the cleanup of that huge oak tree which fell onto my property. They were professional, courteous, quick, and mindful of my many plantings. I was amazed at the skill Terry had maneuvering the bobcat around my Japanese maple, especially when hauling out massive pieces of fallen oak tree. Your crew was prompt, careful, and professional. I am very pleased that we hired your company, and you picked the perfect crew for my job. Thanks again for taking such good care of my property and plantings with the removal of the fallen tree. I would be very happy to speak with anyone who would like a reference for your company's careful work.


The men did a thoughtful, beautiful job.

Thank you so much! The men did a thoughtful, beautiful job. I can't imagine how it could have been done any better. We both are pleased.


Professional, Polite, Knowledgeable

Thank you for your service in cutting down our large Red Oak yesterday. It was quite the job, and your team of 3 were professional, polite, knowledgeable and great to work with. They also cleaned up very well. I would not hesitate to use your company again in the future!


Knocked it out of the park

Dear Kevin, Jim, Ty and all of the crew. Thank you for another 2 days of knocking it out of the park. Ty and the crew were (once again) amazing. You guys set the bar for knowledgeability, attention to detail, respect for property, and caring. We can't thank you enough.


Star Jasmine is back to being the star!

January of this year, I had serious concerns that my Star Jasmine plant that frames my garage was at risk of dying from a form of disease. I had a nationwide company come out to do an evaluation. However, after about a month of back and forth due to answers I was receiving for my concerns, I lost complete confidence in them. I found Caldwell after a Google search and chose to call them based on their reviews. Kevin the owner came out and diagnosed my issue immediately. He went on to explain what was causing the issue I was seeing and how the drought we experienced last summer was affecting the plant. It was truly eye opening to see the drastic difference in experience level I was experiencing, in regards to the company that was helping me prior. I then decided to purchase their Plant Healthcare Program to treat the plants on my property.

I then met with Andrew who came out and treated the Star Jasmine shortly after with an application. He also took another assessment of other plants on the property like Kevin did initially. I then had the extreme pleasure of meeting Richard G. who is the person directly taking care of the property with their healthcare program. He is such a down to earth fella, with just a great personality, and the vibrating energy of an all around good person! It has just been a refreshing experience and it says quite a lot about this company with the people Kevin has put in place to deal with his customers. From my experience, I'm confident you will not go wrong with choosing Caldwell. These guys actually care about what they do! Richard G. is a great example of that.

My Star Jasmine now looks like it belongs in a landscaping magazine! Thanks guys!

Andrae R.


All of us, when in the throes of decision, are seeking to make a good one! (3 min read)

If you are reading this, it is likely that you are zeroing in on whom to select for tree service or removal. You are likely weighing things such as… Do they know what they are doing? Will they drop a tree on my house or car? Will they leave a mess in my yard? What kind of damage might they inflict on my trees that I may not discover for years to come? Would I be paying too much? Hindsight is 20-20, but how can I be sure up front?

These are questions I was asking myself recently when deciding among service providers. While living in the same house here in Roswell for 25 years, we have had trees removed many different times. This time, I was looking to have several large trees removed, and quite a few of our 70 year-old pines limbed up. I decided to go with someone who was less expensive than Caldwell's estimate, thinking "I'm probably good on all the above questions…the scope is apples-to-apples…might as well allocate the difference to another household or family item." A prudent decision, right?

Well, we also have a gorgeous 60-foot magnolia prominently situated in the front of our home. After 40 years of untamed growth, it was in desperate need of a height-reduction and shaping. I knew in my gut there was no way I was going to let these other guys touch that tree…I reserved that one for Caldwell.

The other guys did come and take down the unwanted trees. They did climb trees and remove limbs. They didn't hit my house or any of the cars. Yet, they were quite hasty, rough on the place and did live a bit of a mess. I rationalized it all thinking it was worth what I had saved. After all, they were genuinely likeable guys and the job was done.

When the Caldwell crew arrived to care for the magnolia, the experience by contrast was night and day. They carefully set up, making sure to protect my yard. They took their time to explain to me what they were doing. The arborist (yes, arborist) educated me and patiently answered all of my questions. They were thorough and in no hurry whatsoever…surgeons! And meticulously cleaned up after they were done. Magnificent!

Shortly thereafter, Kevin Caldwell (founder and owner) made a visit. I had invited him to come over and walk with me to conduct a bit of a post-operative inspection. Kevin was amiable, professional…and refreshingly candid…which I for one deeply appreciate. I discovered that the scope of work conducted by the other guys was actually appreciably less that what Caldwell had scoped…so it wasn't apples-to-apples after all...I didn't actually "save" as much as I had thought. I also learned a lot about trees that day…how unwitting climbers wound them, how these wounds introduce disease, how they invite devastating beetles…all potentially resulting in damage and loss, and costly removal and replacement…long after the likeable, unwitting guys are gone.

At the time that I made it, my decision to use the other guys was a good one…so I don't regret it. Yet I am now convinced that it wasn't the best one. Yes, I may have appeared to "save" a few dollars on the front-end, yet my exposure is that it may wind up costing me more in real dollars in the long run. Moreover, you just don't simply replace champion trees. Hopefully, we won't incur any such fate…and if we do, oh well…live and learn.

Kevin has built a competent and credible company, comprised of competent and credible people. I highly recommend that you consider choosing Caldwell. That decision would be a good one…one that I am confident you would not live to regret.

Joe E.


Caldwell provides great value while staffing a professional, courteous and helpful team.

I am an absentee home owner which has inherent insecurities when needing work done to make sure it is accomplished to my standards and I don't get ripped off. I have a black walnut right in front of my 2 story house off Waters in Alpharetta that the site guys had the carcass sold for $3000 during construction. I was able to keep them from destroying the tree but not before it incurred significant damage. In 2007 I contacted Caldwell to start a program of deep root fertilization in an effort to see if the tree could be saved. A year ago I was contacted by my management company saying they were soliciting bids to remove the tree because it was dead. Due to frequent deployments it had been some time since I had Caldwell check on the walnut. Jim went out and gave me a very comprehensive review of the tree's condition. When I pulled in the drive the last week of June the tree was anything but dead and beautiful. It needed pruning as well as several other large trees that GA Power butchered. I met Jerome and his crew equipped with two new trucks and chippers. First impressions count and this is an owner who believes in quality equipment. They were called away on an emergency, to which I wholeheartedly agreed. The next morning I arrived at the house to find the walnut beautifully pruned and walked around back to see Jerome artfully poised high in one of the oaks. Having done some climbing with the Rangers, I observed his superb climbing techniques and high wire maneuvering through the top of the tree while skillfully lopping and sawing his way through. Caldwell provides great value while staffing a professional, courteous and helpful team.

Mike H.


We have four very large and unruly magnolias trees in our front yard that were also unhealthy. Kevin's crew, led by Mike (who was amazingly professional and thorough), spent two days removing dead branches, cutting back branches that hung over our driveway, roof, and power lines-and created a nice overall shape to the trees. The trees look great, which makes our yard look great, which makes our house look great! Our experience has gone well and I expect to do continued work with the team in our backyard. P.S: They even removed limbs and debris from our neighbors yard that wasn't even part of the job. Now, our neighbor's yard looks better too. - Sandy Springs resident

Satisfied Client in Sandy Springs

"For a number of years, I have relied on Caldwell to come once a year to prune unreachable hollies and camellias on the border of my property and to care for the trees, pruning and removing if necessary. Jim Foote is knowledgeable and skilled as an arborist, and I look forward to seeing him once a year to decide what needs to be done.

The teams who have come over the years have been thoroughly prepared and know what to do. They are courteous, hard working, careful, and truly a delight to watch. I never have any worries about the safety of their activity. Everyone is a professional.

After all the pruning and chipping, the team cleans up completely. Not a twig is left!

I have dealt with many tree companies in the past. Caldwell is by far the best. Now that I have found them, I will stay with them!"

N. Baxter

I would call him again first thing for anything trees

A neighbor recommended Caldwell Tree as very fairly priced, so I requested a proposal to remove a very large tulip poplar with difficult access and liability risks. It was sandwiched between my house and a neighbor in Ansley Park. The tree was struck by lightning on 7/28/23 and was quickly showing signs of distress. It was one of a pair of trees, side by side, over a century old, that loomed over the roof of both houses. The access was also very difficult. Our old brick driveway narrowed such that equipment could not get near the backyard, other than a small chipper and a small motorized vehicle that could carry out trunk sections one at a time to the street.

Kevin Caldwell was asked for a proposal, but he gave far more than that- lots of education about the tree's condition, taking it down safely, and protecting the adjacent tree. He helped us weigh out the options of taking it down by hand or by crane, but most importantly, the need to take it down quickly due to signs of deterioration in just over a month. He advised us to have our roof checked (pieces of bark shot out in all directions, including over the roof to the front yard) and our electrical circuits due to potential undetected fire hazards (many electronics were damaged or ruined). Those two things checked out okay.

He gave advice about pursuing insurance coverage even though our insurer had already said trees are not covered. With Kevin's advice and encouragement, I didn't take no for an answer and plodded up the chain of insurance company decision makers. That took some time, but I was ultimately successful by asking them to confirm that the damage would be covered to both homes if the tree fell while we were sorting out proposals, and asking why the company would take the risk of waiting for that to happen- a big expense for us but not for the insurance company.

We got 3 proposals, one for removal by a 70 ton crane and two others by hand. The estimates varied by $10,000!!! We were torn by the appeal of the crane which is supposed to be cleaner but went with hand removal because it could be done quicker. I am writing this because Mr. Caldwell gave sound advice without earning a penny. Mr. Caldwell declined to bid on the tree because his schedule didn't permit the prompt removal he felt was needed. Nonetheless, he gave excellent advice about what to consider and how to do it. His advice led to a less expensive cost and a much faster removal date. Mr. Caldwell intuitively seemed to recognize something about the tree's distress that others hadn't: while not apparent to the naked eye, the tree was rotten near the base. The lightning strike was a blessing. Mr. Caldwell has scientific and intuitive knowledge about trees that he feels compelled to share, even when he doesn't take the job. I would call him again first thing for anything trees.

Gay H.


Incredible knowledge and customer care. From Dave at our walk thru, Arturo the master hand trimmer, to Brendan saving our Magnolias we are grateful to have found such an exceptional company to service our landscape. Was impressed many years ago with the job they did and they've only improved over time. Thank you for exceeding our expectations!

Robin B.


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