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Historic Roswell Beautification Project

We are so excited that we got to help out with the Historic Roswell Beautification Project! We just finished pruning all of our historic trees off of Canton Street and in the Heart of Roswell Park this week. Thank you to all our neighbors for being patient during the excess traffic!  We are proud to help keep our city beautiful.

Historic Roswell is a unique neighborhood and recognized nationally as a historic place and one of the best communities to live, work and raise a family. The project’s mission is to create, maintain and preserve the beauty and charm of our streets, improve civic pride, and enhance the overall Historic Roswell experience for our citizens and visitors.


For more information or to donate to the project, visit their website HERE

2 thoughts on “Historic Roswell Beautification Project”

  1. Great work guys! We’ve been in the tree care business for a while also, and have heard nothing but great things about Caldwell Tree Care. In fact, we’ve actually referred people to you when they are outside our area of service or when we just can’t fit them in our busy schedule. Very cool what you’ve done to help preserve the Historic Roswell area.

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