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First Aid For Trees & Plants

Rely on Caldwell Tree Care to preserve the health and value of the trees and plants in your landscape. Call on our certified experts for every aspect of tree and plant care, from plantings and pruning to problem diagnosis and treatment.

You can depend on Caldwell crews to give your trees and plants the professional attention they need to stay healthy and beautiful. If you call us regarding your needs for tree and plant health care, one of our certified arborists will visit your property and assess your property. We promise you:

  • Free estimate for your desired work, developed with an arborist’s knowledgeable, including precise recommendations
  • Meticulous execution of the work plan you approve, including clean up
  • Full adherence to ANSI’s standards and best practices for tree care

You can also use the Free Estimate form to request an appointment if you need an Arborist’s recommendation or evaluation regarding tree related situations on your property. Any resulting consultation fee, once paid, can be credited against future tree work, once completed by Caldwell crews from the resulting report.


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The Tree Care Blog

Removal of Hazardous Live Oak using Tandem Cranes

The worst situations will often bring out the best in people: the best ideas, the best workmanship, and the best teamwork. Tree removal always presents issues, but extremely dangerous trees require extra precaution to solve the exponentially greater risks to life and limb. Such was the case presented to one of the teams from Caldwell […]

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A Coordinated Team Effort Saves the day!

Atlanta was hit by numerous storms earlier this year, starting with an F1 Tornado on or about June 1st in which the City of Lilburn area was hit rather badly during that storm. The weekly thunderstorm pattern resulted in damage through August across the area. Looking back it seems that our crews were simply being […]

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Behind the Machines: The Caldwell Tree Care version!

The folks from Bandit Industries spent some time on site with Caldwell Tree Care this summer. See the video they produced from their visit. Behind the Machines: Bandit visits Caldwell Tree Care in Roswell, Ga

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