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Just wanted to say thanks

Just wanted to say thanks - your crew did a fantastic job pruning the arborvitae and other trees! The lead man (think his name was Mike) is truly an artist when it comes to shaping and pruning. We appreciate all the effort!

A. D. - Atlanta

Highly recommend Caldwell Tree Care.

Highly recommend Caldwell Tree Care. Had a tree in the front yard that was not doing well and we did not want to lose it (focal point of the yard). The owner himself came out to assess the situation and gave us a plan to save the tree, plus helped with some other problem areas.

The crew that came out to do the work was great! Explained everything to me and the owner even came back to explain a few additional things after the job was complete because I had questions.

Some jobs are too big (and too important) for regular landscapers. Caldwell has excellent customer service and they know what they are doing.

Kimberly L. - Roswell

All of us, when in the throes of decision, are seeking to make a good one! (3 min read)

If you are reading this, it is likely that you are zeroing in on whom to select for tree service or removal. You are likely weighing things such as… Do they know what they are doing? Will they drop a tree on my house or car? Will they leave a mess in my yard? What kind of damage might they inflict on my trees that I may not discover for years to come? Would I be paying too much? Hindsight is 20-20, but how can I be sure up front?

These are questions I was asking myself recently when deciding among service providers. While living in the same house here in Roswell for 25 years, we have had trees removed many different times. This time, I was looking to have several large trees removed, and quite a few of our 70 year-old pines limbed up. I decided to go with someone who was less expensive than Caldwell’s estimate, thinking “I’m probably good on all the above questions…the scope is apples-to-apples…might as well allocate the difference to another household or family item.” A prudent decision, right?

Well, we also have a gorgeous 60-foot magnolia prominently situated in the front of our home. After 40 years of untamed growth, it was in desperate need of a height-reduction and shaping. I knew in my gut there was no way I was going to let these other guys touch that tree…I reserved that one for Caldwell.

The other guys did come and take down the unwanted trees. They did climb trees and remove limbs. They didn’t hit my house or any of the cars. Yet, they were quite hasty, rough on the place and did live a bit of a mess. I rationalized it all thinking it was worth what I had saved. After all, they were genuinely likeable guys and the job was done.

When the Caldwell crew arrived to care for the magnolia, the experience by contrast was night and day. They carefully set up, making sure to protect my yard. They took their time to explain to me what they were doing. The arborist (yes, arborist) educated me and patiently answered all of my questions. They were thorough and in no hurry whatsoever…surgeons! And meticulously cleaned up after they were done. Magnificent!

Shortly thereafter, Kevin Caldwell (founder and owner) made a visit. I had invited him to come over and walk with me to conduct a bit of a post-operative inspection. Kevin was amiable, professional…and refreshingly candid…which I for one deeply appreciate. I discovered that the scope of work conducted by the other guys was actually appreciably less that what Caldwell had scoped…so it wasn’t apples-to-apples after all...I didn’t actually “save” as much as I had thought. I also learned a lot about trees that day…how unwitting climbers wound them, how these wounds introduce disease, how they invite devastating beetles…all potentially resulting in damage and loss, and costly removal and replacement…long after the likeable, unwitting guys are gone.

At the time that I made it, my decision to use the other guys was a good one…so I don’t regret it. Yet I am now convinced that it wasn’t the best one. Yes, I may have appeared to “save” a few dollars on the front-end, yet my exposure is that it may wind up costing me more in real dollars in the long run. Moreover, you just don’t simply replace champion trees. Hopefully, we won’t incur any such fate…and if we do, oh well…live and learn.

Kevin has built a competent and credible company, comprised of competent and credible people. I highly recommend that you consider choosing Caldwell. That decision would be a good one…one that I am confident you would not live to regret.

Joe E. - Roswell

First-Class Equipment, First-Class People and a First-Class Job

Caldwell Tree Care is the best tree service I have seen. Though I thought they were coming to just remove some trees that needed cutting, their thoroughness is far more than any other “tree cutter”. They safely removed the trees from difficult access points near the home. They took care of the stumps, not leaving part of the job undone. They cleaned-up the mess from the work on the property, as well as all the debris that was on the street and surrounding properties, a first in my observations of many of the competitors. They have first-class equipment, first-class people, and knowledge, which resulted in a first-class job—a real distinction in the industry where there are many “tree cutters” which can result in more costs than that initial cheap quote. Thank you, Caldwell.

Mark M. - Alpharetta

I have worked with Caldwell Tree Care for several years

I have worked with Caldwell Tree Care for several years and am very impressed by their work. They are extremely professional, detail oriented, do what they say they are going to do, clean up meticulously after they are done, and help make my landscape look amazing. They have taken down several trees and done a whole lot of pruning for me and I highly recommend them.

Michael D. - Atlanta

A job well done is worth talking about!

A 20 foot long Nelly R. Stevens hedge that was 25 foot high... a dozen Japanese Maples of differing varieties... and assortment of Red Oaks.... and 21 of Mother Nature's finest Pines.... where to begin? Kevin Caldwell to the rescue! We have known and dealt with Kevin for years - that took care of the trust factor. Likewise, he knows how anal we are about our property. So he sends Mike & his crew for 4 days... I later accused Mike of being "Michael-anglo"! The care and touch that he, Rigo, and Richard delivered was breathtaking for me. We pride ourselves for living in a monastery and the simple and clean pruning was right on target. Would we do it again? In a nano-second! And as to the clean-up.... were they even here?

Dr. & Mrs. E. - Roswell, Ga

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