Free Wood Chips

Free Wood Chips Delivered To Your House

Caldwell Tree Care in Roswell, Georgia offers free wood chips that can be used for landscaping or mulch

Not only are wood chips an attractive ground cover, but they provide beneficial organic material to the soil around shrubs and trees, help the soil retain moisture, and release small amounts of nitrogen and other nutrients as they decompose. You can get free wood chips for your yard from Caldwell Tree Care and we will bring them to you!
(We do limit delivery to within 15-20 minutes of Roswell unless our crews are working in your area.)

The mulch is grade "B" mulch, which means it is not double processed like the grade "A" mulch you can purchase at garden centers. Standard load sizes are between 8 yards and 26 yards, depending on how full the truck is - we cannot drop a partial load. Fill out the form below and we will add you to our wood chip list. Chips are delivered on an "as available" basis, so no scheduling of delivery is available.

Wood Chip Request Form

We have a number of people, when inquiring as to receiving free wood chips, who will ask if we spread them as well. While our crews do not spread the chips we dump, this young gentleman, who lives in the Roswell/Alpharetta area, and who is known to Mr. Caldwell, is beginning a business to spread chips in this area. He has also expressed a willingness to coordinate when larger amounts are needed.

Nick Walters: Cell: 678-392-7602

Please understand - working with Mr. Walters does not change the fact that we cannot guarantee or schedule the delivery of chips.

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